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How It All Began 

When I was a boy I developed intermittent paralysis.  To me it wasn't that big a deal, it just meant that sometimes when I was running around, the power to my legs cut off and I would fall over.  I actually fell over a lot and had the most scared up knees of any boy in the neighborhood.

My parents were concerned.  Mum took me to various doctors to fix the problem.  Nothing helped.  

Eventually my back and neck started make grinding noises.  My sisters thought this was horrible, although I found it quite entertaining!  Something was obviously wrong with me, we just didn't know what.

Then Chiropractic became part of my life.  We lived in Lower Hutt and there were only two Chiropractors.  Mum took me to the busiest one.  This doctor really listened to us, he examined me and then he told us EXACTLY what the problem was!  

It was an unforgettable moment.

He said,   

"Mrs Gordon, this boy has a bone out of place in his back.  The bone is twisted and locked. It's pinching a nerve and shutting off the power to his legs".

I vividly remember hearing this as a nine year old and thinking, "At last, someone has said something that sounds logical and makes sense". 

The next bit was easy.  All this doctor had to do was lay me down on my side and make a quick deft thrust with his hand on that bone in my back.  Well, it cracked with such a noise I don't know who got the bigger fright, my mother or I!  

The problem went away.  I don't mean it went away in 6 months, it went away there and then.  No more power cuts, no more bleeding knees, no more grinding sounds, just a normal kid.

Much later on when I trained to be a Chiropractic doctor in Melbourne, I was taught that not only the legs, but the entire body gets all its power and control from centers in the BRAIN. 

Who knew, right?  

Later on I became a Doctor of Chiropractic too.  Now I could do cool stuff just like my chiropractor.  I have to say being a Chiropractor didn't disappoint.  I have seen miracles over the years.  I mean real miracles.  Things that aren't supposed to be possible.  Turns out when you release the imprisoned nerve impulse,  you are actually unleashing the 'life force' of the body and the power that made the body heals the body!

Not so long ago I retired from being a Registered Chiropractor because I had learned the art of reactivating all of the nervous system gently.  So now there are no Chiropractic adjustments going on.  I have found those tense tight joints are best released with very light force.  Sounds weird I know but this works even better than the old way because my patients can be TOTALLY RELAXED.  

Just last week, I worked on a very disturbed baby.  I've seen many of these over the years. This baby had cried after birth and didn't stop crying.  Not a hungry cry, but a painful cry. She was becoming run down, not gaining weight and the situation was becoming serious.  I examined her and found the top bone in her neck was twisted resulting from a difficult birth.  As I adjusted her neck, she fell gently to sleep.  Last time I checked she was doing just fine.

If you suffer needlessly, like so many people do, pick up the phone, make an appointment and come over.  I love to meet new people of all ages, with many diverse forms of challenge and just like that chiropractor who helped me all those years ago, I'm here to remove interference to the nervous system, so that the power that made the body can heal the body.

Yours for Better Health,

Dr Craig Gordon