Dr Craig Gordon B App Sci Chiro., B App Sci Hum Bio.
Brain Based Healing 

Did you know that your body is designed to heal itself? 

That you've been healing yourself your whole life?

Did you know that self healing is natural and comes from within?

The question you may be asking is  -

       "Why did healing stop?"

The fact is,  the body needs no help to heal. Nature needs no help. What nature needs is no interference.

If we stop interfering with nature, balance will be restored.  If we just stop the interference to your natural self healing process, your body can return to healing from within and restoring health.

I have absolute faith that your body knows exactly how to heal itself.  My job is simply to find the interference and remove it.

The control system of the body is the brain and nerve system.  If the brain and nerve system is in reasonable balance, it follows that the body will be in balance also.  However, a build up of physical, emotional or chemical stress can interfere with our neurological balance and lead to a downward spiral of anxiety, depression, digestive problems, memory loss, insomnia, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, ulcers rheumatoid arthritis, pain and spasms and even diabetes to name just a few conditions.

We are all affected by constant chronic low levels of physical, emotional and chemical stress.

But most people don't realise how stress is interfering with their health, or what they can do about it.

Removing nerve interference to normalise brain and nerve system function is the only solution for the world we live in today.

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