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It is apparent that the more we embrace technology the more we move away from nature. There are many who see nature as something to be controlled, manipulated and owned.  Unfortunately this is strongly evident now  in medicine and agriculture.

The truth is, we are a  product of nature. We are wise to study the Laws governing the Natural System and to align ourselves with these Laws to ensure a long and healthy life.

Please understand that if illness prevails it can only be caused by a misunderstanding or an ignorance of Natural Laws. Our symptomatic manifestations do not so much require treatment to abolish them as much as understanding as to where we have gone off track and course correct.

So what exactly do I offer and what would be your experience in my office?

There are natural laws governing both the body and the mind. (A 'law' is a consistent scientifically reproducible phenomenon, for example gravity).

The concept is to live using such natural laws as a guide. So when someone seeks my help as a natural therapist  my first job is to find out if that  is  person 'off track' and where, then gently assist a return to harmony and balance with natural laws, using the most minimal intervention possible.

What are the Laws Of The Body?    



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Craig Gordon

Registered Natural Therapist