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If you want to resolve a health problem there are three essential things you must do:

Find It.   Fix It.   Forget It.

Find It.  Finding your problem sounds obvious, right? Actually most doctors focus on diagnosing and treating SYMPTOMS which are EFFECTS of a problem. Lets say you suffer with pain. The usual process is pain pills, right? But isn't pain a WARNING that something is wrong in the body? Shouldn't we focus on the CAUSE of the pain?

That's exactly what we do in our office: 

There are six systems in your body.







The CONTROL CENTER for these systems is in your brain.  Your brain works like the processor of a computer.  If a virus has knocked out the computer processor, the programs will not run.  If your brain Control Center is knocked out, your body system will not run. 

To knock out a brain Control Center takes an overwhelming amount of STRESS which many of us today are living with, without even being aware of it.  

Fortunately modern technology used by us enables us to actually measure your stress response to see if your Control Center is functioning normally or not.  This technology is called a Stress Response Exam.

A normal brain spends a lot of time in Alpha frequency.  This is the nice idling, calm peaceful state and it is why people learn to meditate.  It is also the brain state of maintenance, repair and healing.

When stress comes along the normal brain speeds up into a Beta frequency.  This is the "sympathetic fight flight mode".  It involves adrenaline and other hormones, elevated heart rate, fast shallow breathing.  Beta is designed for survival.  It has little to do with maintenance, repair and healing.

The problem is, for many of us the stress is too large, or too long lasting and it overwhelms the brain.  The brain becomes more and more locked out of the Alpha frequency and into the Beta frequency.  STRESS is why people become sick and die young.  Excessive time spent in Beta frequency, is time spent with little maintenance and repair.  There is only one illness, it is STRESS, which has many manifestations.

If this is your problem, we will find it.  We have the latest and best diagnostic equipment available. 

To find out more about our Stress Response Examination.   Lets Get Technical

Fix It. Fixing the cause of your symptom involves interrupting the 'out of control' Beta frequency state and allowing the brain to restore itself back to Alpha.  We use a 'pattern interrupt device called an "Acustim'.  Then will teach you how to maintain the Alpha state for life.

To find out more about 'tools of the trade' click here. (Link to Acustim)

Forget It.  Once the cause of your symptom is corrected and you have learned how to maintain a healthy balance Alpha state, you can forget all about the symptom and get on with enjoying life.

If you think you are ready to look at the cause of your symptom, fill out the form on the right or just pick up the phone and chat.  Either way, we are ready to help.

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