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Let's Get Technical

There are six systems in the body:







The Control Center for these systems is the brain.  The brain works like the processor of a computer.  If a virus has knocked out the computer processor, the programs will not run.  If the brain Control Center is knocked out, the body system will not run. 

To knock out a brain Control Center takes an overwhelming amount of STRESS. Fortunately modern technology enables us to measure the stress response to see if the Control Center is functioning normally or not.

A famous chiropractor, Dr Clarence Gonstead once said, 

    "Find It, Fix It and Forget It!"  

We think these are good words to live by.

Find It

Modern technology and bio-feedback makes finding it fairly straight forward. 
When the brain Control Center is overwhelmed with STRESS, it can become locked in "Sympathetic Fight Flight Mode".  This is an out of balance state, and was only designed for short term use.  There is limited healing in this mode, in fact, staying in this mode too long is the cause of disease.  We can tell if you are in this mode  because you will be making "beta" brain waves.

Simple, measurable and reproducible.  Science.

Fix It

My job is to help you put the brakes on the "Sympathetic Fight Flight stress response".  We achieve this by activating the "Parasympathetic Rest, Digest and Repair healing response. We will know when you are restored to balance because you will be making "alpha" brain waves.  All of our corrections are gentle, specific, art.

Forget It

Our Philosophy is simple.  When the problem in the brain Control Center has been found and fixed you can forget it.  The weed has been plucked roots and all.  It will not regrow.  The cause is corrected, lesson learned.  You can forget all about it and get on with living life.