lets get technical


The Human Energy Field

 The Human Energy Field is percieved by some as an aura, a field of light around a living Soul.  This energy field enters and leaves the body by spinning vorticies known as chakras.  Each vortex or chakra can be big or small and they are all over the body. A comparative phenomenon found in nature would be the spinning vorticies of energy known as cyclones and anticyclones all over the Earth.  This is how energy moves naturally.

Sometimes in life we become damaged, physically or mentally, which can affect the energy vorticies entering or leaving the body, which may stop or even reverse their spin. 

Healing in this case involves detecting the affected energetic zone and correcting it. The doctor in this situation is not trying to affect symptoms as in modern medicine. In this particular situation the doctor or healer is endeavouring to restore an individuals access to these natural resources so it can heal itself.  This is perfectly logical because after all, healing does come from within.  Dr B J Palmer a famous chiropractor from last century said healing comes ADIO. Above-Down-Inside-Out, which is a very interesting thought and something which science now affirms as 100% true.

Access to the Human Energy Field.

Another very famous doctor from last century Dr L Ward, discovered something he called the “occipital drop test”.  We can actually use his bio-feedback test to figure out what the priority fault in the field is. The chiropractors have an excellent word describing this fault 'subluxation'.

          sub – less than or under

          lux – light

          ation or nation – body

When these ideas are strung together we have "less than optimal energy flow in the body".

Some people have a  preoccupation with the physical body – nerves, muscles and joints, the 'hardware' of the body.  Unfortunately taking this type of position may cause us to miss the point, our true nature is Energy Plus Physical or “meta-physical”. This word simply means a “beyond” the physical, more in the realm of energy or spirit. We are a combination of three aspects - Soul, body and mind

Fixing the fault.

There are as many ways to play this game as there are healers on the planet.  We each choose our tools and ultimately (ideally) attain mastery of those tools.  In past lives I used three small wands. These are just tools to focus energy.  In this particular time and space I use an Arthrostim.  Actually I think the new name is Acustim which is a better name.

Patients love the Acustim.  Doctors love the Acustim.  The Acustim is an excellent tool and it's  pity that every doctor doesn't use one.  The Acustim is sooo nice.  It is 100% safe and it feels just great.

Do we have programmes of care?

Healing is a very individual process so there is really no point in having a 'planned canned' cookie cutter approach because it won't work on lots of patients.  What we choose to offer is a much more taylor made approach.  We enjoy making very specific adjustments to the human energy field.  The spacing and timing between the visits is similarly specific to the individual.  There is a sweet spot for every individual which we have to work out.

How long does healing take with this approach? Although we look for immediate change in symptoms whenever we make corrections to attain a certain out come may take time. This length of time is very dependant on many many factors so our answer is necessarily vague.

Does this work on everyone?

No.  There are those out there who cannot or will not accept this work and there are a multitude of reasons why this is so.

However there are also legions of people who are absolutely starving for this work.  Many of them unfortunately can't find a healer to deliver this quality of experience. But things are definately improving since the witch-hunt days when many of the healers (mainly women) were taken out of the gene pool.  Then medicine (and God) became branded male. Thankfully those days are soon to be behind us and we are taking a more balanced approace to life.

 Final Thoughts.

 I realise that what I offer may be percieved as niche and may not be to everyones taste. I am fine with that.

 But here is the thing. Humanity is approaching a new age of discovery. The Universe is not a large wind up toy as Sir Isaac Newton proposed.  It is an energy field as physicists like Sheldrake describe.  It's a morphogenetic field and we get to play in it.  Furthermore, we are learning to influence the energy field to our advantage.  Healers down through the ages have done this. Of course they didn't talk about it much for fear of being rejected.  But now lots of good information is coming forward and I'm pleased to be part of that movement.