Dr Craig Gordon             
Brain Based Healing 

My Story

When I was a boy, around age nine,  I developed intermittent paralysis of both legs.  Sometimes when I was running around, the power to my legs would suddenly cut off and I would fall over.  I fell over a lot.  I had the most scared up knees of any boy in the neighborhood.

My parents were concerned.  Mum took me to various doctors to correct the problem.  Nothing helped.  

Eventually my back and neck started make grinding noises.  My three sisters thought this was hilarious  although I found it less entertaining.

Something was obviously wrong with me, we just didn't know what.

Then  Chiropractic  became part of my life.  We lived in Lower Hutt in the lower part of the North Island and there were only two Chiropractors.  Mum chose one and this was the first doctor to examine my Nervous System and spine and he told us EXACTLY what the problem was!  

It was an unforgettable moment.

He said,  

"Mrs Gordon, this boy has a bone out of place in his back.  The bone is twisted and locked.  It's causing the grinding noises in his back, it's also interfering with the Nervous System, literally shutting off the power to his legs".

Even as a nine year old, this made perfect sense to me.

The next bit was easy.  He asked me  to lay me down comfortably and he made a quick deft thrust with his hand on spine.

I felt it release.  It didn't hurt.  It actually felt really, really good.

Soon my problem was completely corrected.    No more power cuts!   No more bleeding knees!   No more grinding sounds in my back and neck!    I was a normal boy again!!

Later on, in 1982, I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic. Now I could also do those wonderful, life enhancing very cool corrections.

All these years later I would have to say Chiropractic didn't disappoint! 

I have seen so many real 'miracles' over the years.   Things that I wouldn't have thought  possible. 

When we REDUCE your accumulated stress,  we actually INCREASE the balance of the Brain and Nervous System. Then the Power that made the body can heal the body. 

After nearly forty years as a chiropractor, I let go of my registration to focus on the effects of stress. I had come to recognise that stress is the true underlying cause of most of todays illness. I became a Stressologist! I learned the art of re-balancing the brain and nervous system very gently and I trained in the use of cutting edge technology that enables us to actually measure the effects of stress and chart our progress along the recovery process.