Dr Craig Gordon             
Brain Based Healing 

Our Team

  Dr Craig Gordon


  •  Bachelor of Applied Science, Human Biology
  •  Bachelor of Applied Science, Chiropractic
  •  Diplomate of National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  •  Registered Natural Therapist specialising in Spinal Stressology
  •  Certified in Koren Specific Technique
  •  Certified in the use of NeuroInfinity   
  •  Plus many years of post graduate training, as well as safely, effectively and efficiently helping people recover their health.

Joanne Booth

Joanne runs the Lymphatic clinic, you will see her now and again between clients.  She has an absolute wealth of the best information about health and recovery from trauma.  Please feel free to ask her  about her work and how it may help you or see her website.



Basil often joins us in the practice and will greet you at the door with a typical Terrier bark.  He is very calm and very friendly and loves meeting everyone.  Children particularly seem to love him.

Basil would like his own web site, 

"Stress Management - The Canine Perspective".

Unfortunately Basil still lacks the requisite typing skills!