lets get technical


Dr Craig Gordon

I am usually at the practice from 8am to 6pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Since I deal with many people and many problems I operate fairly quickly. Therefore I do not have a requirement for the average person to see me multiple times per week or terribly often at all:  "Find It, Fix It and Forget It!" is one of my mottos.

Fundamentally the design of the body is so good, that the body needs no help, just no interference. My job is to allow the power that made the body to heal the body. I endevour to achieve this by helping you to release the things that interfere with your healthy balance.

Joanne Booth

I run The Lymphatic Clinic.  You will ocassionally see me in the office between  patients. Feel free to ask me about my work and how it may of help to you and your healing process. The lymphatic therapy I offer to my patients works really well with the work that Dr Craig does.

Basil Gordon

I am a key member of the health care delivery team here at Waihi Road.  I specialise in care for all age groups and my promary role is to be loveable.

I don't come to the practice every day, but when I do, I will try to greet you at the door in person with a typical terrier bark.  I am very calm and very friendly and I love  meeting nearly everyone, children are a particular favourite of mine.