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Dr Craig Gordon


A famous chiropractor, Dr Clarence Gonstead once said, 

    "Find It, Fix It and Forget It!"  

Good words to live by.

Find It
Modern technology and bio-feedback makes finding it fairly straight forward. 

Fix It
When the brain Control Center is overwhelmed with STRESS, it is locked in "Sympathetic Fight Flight Mode". There is limited healing in this mode.

My job is to help you put the brakes on the "Sympathetic Fight Flight stress response"  by helping you restore balance to the brain Control Center and consequently to the body system.

Forget It

My ability to work in this way is based on:

  •  A degree in Applied Science, Human Biology (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1982)
  • A degree in Applied Science in Chiropractic (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 1982)
  • Many years of post graduate training, particularly in technique.
  • Forty years of safely, effectively and efficiently helping people recover their health

Joanne Booth

Joanne runs the Lymphatic clinic, you will see her now and again between patients, so feel free to ask her about her work and how it may help you.  

or see her website


Basil often joins us in the practice and will greet you at the door with a typical Terrier bark.  He is very calm and very friendly and loves meeting everyone.  children particularly seem to love him.