Dr Craig Gordon   Stressologist          
Brain Based Healing 


“I’ve had chronic depression just about all my adult life.  Within two weeks of starting under Dr Craig's care I was off the medication and doing much better.  Six months have passed and I feel great.”   Mary


“Following a few years of working in a very high stress job, I developed insomnia.  I was really tired the whole time and had a lot of trouble concentrating or even motivating myself.  The pills I was on were of some help, but I really felt life was slipping by.  The councillor I was working with suggested I see Dr Craig for chiropractic care.  I phoned the next day and soon got started.  I don’t think I’ve had a bad night since.  It’s unbelievable really that my recovery was so quick”.   John


“I believe I’ve lost about 20% of my lifespan with migraines.  They were hitting me monthly and even with a shot, the migraines could go out of control for days.  Dr Gordon adjusted my head around the temple area on my first visit.  Boy did I sleep that night!  Now I hardly ever have one!”     Joan


I have included extra background on the following story - it is really miraculous:

One day Pat, who was a patient of mine, told me that her twenty-two year old son Gary had been in a severe car crash. The hospital had told her that,

"Gary is brain damaged. He will need to be institutionalised".

My first meeting with Gary was in the mental wing of the district hospital.  He was stooped over, mumbling incoherently, trembling and didn't seem aware of me or his surroundings.  He had lost all ability to look after himself.

Finally, after eighteen months of illness and against the wishes of the hospital board, Pat bought Gary home.

What I found when I examined him astounded me! 

The very top spinal bone is called 'atlas' for good reason, it supports the weight of the cranium.  But more than that, the atlas surrounds and protects the brain stem.  My examination showed Gary's atlas twisted approximately 30 degrees.

The brain stem contains 75 trillion nerve fibres. It controls the majority of the vital autonomic body functions like breathing and heart rate, digestion and immune response. Gary's head must have slammed very hard to cause this amount of twisting and jamming. 

Could it be that if we set this bone free and took all the pressure off the brain stem that Gary could recover, even though eighteen months had passed?

I was about to find out!

The fact is that three days after the atlas vertebra was adjusted Gary spoke his first words in eighteen months.  His recovery was very rapid.

His Mum Pat said,

"My Gary went from 90% sub-normal to 90% normal in just three days!"

Truly an amazing story!


"After hearing Craig speak at a meeting of my Probus club, I knew I had to make an appointment with him, best thing I ever did".     Anne


I have literally hundreds of stories like these, but to be frank, these kind of results no longer surprise me. While these stories may sound miraculous (and life IS miraculous) there is usually good basic science to explain why such changes can so quickly occur.   Dr Craig